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The Future of Croydon's Local Economy

 The new Labour administration running Croydon Council is developing changes to the Council’s local economic development policies and actions. In July 2014 the Cabinet approved the framework:

It can be read here: growth plan.pdf

CTUC set up a working party to look at the Plan from a labour movement and trade union perspective. It has produced a report ‘What Kind of Economy do we need in Croydon?’ 

 Growth Plan and District Centre Investment: Growth for All . (click to download)

 The report has been sent to all Labour Councillors and a meeting held with the relevant Chief officer. 

The working party report and additional views  formed the background to the workshop on the local economy at the CTUC Croydon Assembly and further discussion will take place at the local economy and housing working groups since then, including the drafting of the Assembly manifesto. ( see the |croydon assembly section.)


Comments are welcome and should be emailed to the working party convenor Sean Creighton (member United Retired members branch)  [email protected].

The assembly forums have submitted the following documents on appropriate sections to the Croydon Council as part of the consultation, these can be veiwed below:

(please click on headings to access the documents)

Transport ,

Green Grid




Climate change

General comments

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