Croydon TUC

Croydon TUC Explained


Croydon TUC is a local trades union organisation based on support from trade union branches. It is registered with the Trades Union Congress and affiliated to the Greater London Association of Trades Union Council's.

It meets at the Trade Union Centre: Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, Croydon, CR0 1BD, on the second Thursday of each month, except August and December, when social events take the place of formal meetings. There are guest speakers at most meetings and are open to all trade unionists. You can apply to your own branch to become a delegate. 


The Annual General Meeting is held in the month of March each year and elects an Executive Committee for a period of one year.


This years local May Day march and rally will be held on a date to be announced, assembling at West Croydon and normally marching with a Pipe Band in the lead, to a Rally/Social event at Ruskin House. 


Croydon TUC is committed to campaigning for Public Services Not Private Profit. 


The CWU's 'Peoples post' campaign against Privatisation of Royal Mail and maintaining terms and conditions.


Croydon TUC is in the forefront of two prominent community campaigns; Croydon Retired Peoples Campaign (CRPC) .


Croydon TUC totally opposes the cuts to services and the inevitable loss of thousands of jobs in




Croydon TUC campaigns on public safety issues such as Crane Disasters and holds a local Workers Memorial Day (WMD) event in April each year. 


We are also committed to campaigning for a permanent memorial in Croydon to those who lose their lives whilst at work.   























































































































































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