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Affiliation to Croydon TUC                                          

It would be very helpful if this information on payment of affiliation fees to Croydon TUC receives the widest circulation. If we are to extend our work and activity in the locality we need your support and enthusiasm. As an active TUC ‘we work best by working together’ that is proven by the recent activity generated around the slogan Public Services NOT Private Profit and the restarting of the local Mayday March & Rally. There is also a local TUC annual ceremony to mark Workers Memorial Day, normally held at the Town Hall. Traditionally, a candle has been lit by the Mayor of Croydon and remains in the foyer for a week.     

The affiliation fees remain unchanged for over 10 years. At 15p per member per year, it is a reasonable and achievable amount, with a minimum of £15.00. However we trust you will affiliate to the full strength of your branch whose members live or work in Croydon. Trade Union branches are our only source of funding and all national unions are committed to urging their branches to affiliate to their local TUC’s.

Once affiliated, branches can elect delegates on the basis of the amount of the affiliation fee as follows;

One delegate for the first 100 members, the minimum (£15.00)

Two delegates for 101 – 350 members, (£52.50)

Three delegates for 351 – 500 members. (£75.00)

And a further delegate for every additional 250 members (£37.50) up to a maximum of eight delegates.

Some affiliated branches may not have paid any affiliation fees last year and this may be in part because there was no formal reminder. In these circumstances, you might consider including last years fees.

But for new affiliates, we would urge you to send in your affiliation as soon as your branch agrees it.

We want to see a thriving TUC and this will depend on delegates getting involved at least by attending the General Council meetings, which are held at Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, Croydon, CR0 1BD, normally on the 2nd Thursday of each month except August when a barbeque is held at Ruskin House. 

December is the final meeting of the year and is normally advertised as an informal seasonal social event for guests, delegate and visitors.


Yours fraternally, 

Roy Aird 


07941 890756







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