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Enough is Enough – responding to the climate crisis

Speaker: SAM MASON

The climate crisis is on us. A record breaking heatwave in Britain, forests ablaze in Europe and across the world and widespread flooding. This is just the start, but our governments are turning a blind eye, preferring to offer tax cuts for the rich, fanning the flames of war and pumping more oil and gas to compensate. The time for debating whether global warming is due to human activity is over. We need to focus on what we can do to make governments wake up, curtail CO2 emissions and strengthen infrastructure without burdening workers with the cost.

Sam Mason is PCS Policy Officer on Sustainability and Climate Change, co-coordinator of the Climate Justice Coalition trade union caucus and CJC Waltham Forest and an anti-war and nuclear campaigner. Sam represents her union on the global trade unions for energy democracy initiative and has spoken widely on the need for a transformative just transition rooted in economic, social, environmental and political justice

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