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Celebration of May Day at Ruskin House.

To Ruskin House Club members, families & friends,


Just a note to advise that Ruskin House Club garden will be open on Saturday the 1st May 2021 from 12 Noon, for socialising and the option of joining the various on-line activities set out in the attachment (from 10am )


Drinks will be served in the garden, Gazebos will be set up as some showers are currently expected but won’t know for sure until Saturday. Yes Harvey’s draught real ale is in place plus Guinness and a range of bottled drinks.


Regarding the on-line events; this will include some bands that have played at Ruskin House Folk & Blues over the years – but you will need to join the activity to view the various acts.


All going well, some of the regular events will start to be held again from the 17th May 2021, details on that will follow at a later date, when the position is clearer.


For further information contact Roy on 07941 890756 and another reminder to renew/join Ruskin House Club. The usual Govt. restrictions will apply ie social distancing etc.



Here is some of the detail from the attachment;



Join the call to remake our society, after Covid, as a fair society -with equality and social justice for all

We celebrate what was fought for by workers’ campaigning over many years – like the NHS, housing for all, good education for all, good pensions, work for all;

We fight for Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition.

We fight for the interests of the many, against the rich and powerful.

We fight for the unity of young and old, those of all different

ethnic and national backgrounds. We fight for gender equality,

We oppose the attempts to limit our right to protest and demonstrate.

We stand with workers across the world celebrating May Day.

We salute this May Day all those workers who have kept this society going – from those in the NHS to shops; transport to food production; social care to teachers; from emergency services to essential services and so many more. They kept our society going – not the sharp operators and contractors who sought to profit out of the crisis’


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